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About us

Dogs Make Better People is about saving the lives of dogs and encourage Adopt-Rescue-Foster.  When you support A.R.F. you are saving those dogs who otherwise would not have a chance at a long and happy life. By adopting from your local shelter or rescue you will have a direct impact on the future of those dogs who may not find a home. We will also be working with rescues and shelters who may be having difficulties finding good homes for these special dogs.  In addition to saving these dogs we will also be working on improving the quality of life for our special companions through funding medical research, help fund the training of therapy dogs and guide dogs for the physically and visually challenged. When we discover a cause we will find a connection. If you have adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue, or went through a reputable breeder, you know the love, companionship and unrivaled loyalty you receive. While we build on our dog community we will be busy creating new and sometimes provocative designs and products for the human and your dog.  As our company grows so will the number of dogs we save.  Improving the quality of life of our dogs benefit us all while making us laugh, bringing us joy and a best friend for life. They are always with us.  Now go give your dog a hug!  



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