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 life with my boys

Once my life was at a place when I could have a dog I knew I was going to adopt from our shelter in the city and find my budddy and companion.  Herb was the first dog I could call my own and knew that everything that he needed was up to me to provide.  A home, food, exercise and lots of love.  After Herb followed Webr a Black Lab Coon Hound mix who was big and beautiful.  Fun, playful and maybe a little intimidating since he did stand so tall.  Then Trewman and Henry.  Trewman a Shepard Doberman and Henry a Border Collie mix.  Each and every dog have an incredibly special place in my life but I have to say Trewman and Henry are the boys that have helped create this company and cause.   Finn and Fergus are now at residence in our home and my life has never been the same.  I have found my purpose in life and my boys have made it all possible. I knew adopting a dog from a shelter was not only saving a dogs life but has brought me here to build a company putting the welfare and lives of dogs first. I will now go and hug my dogs.   You do the same!







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