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Fergus has quite the story as to how he came to Wisconsin and eventually to a home where he had a brother Finn waiting.  I discovered Fergus' face on Facebook in a picture where his time was limited since the shelter used Facebook as a last resort to find him a home fast.  He had hours left and I was determined to adopt him.  Getting Fergus here (formerly known as Black Jack) was not an easy task.  Arranging for transit from New Orleans shelter (A.R.N.O), Animal Rescue New Orleans to my door took some effort but finally got him transferred to Kansas City via "truck". Then I took a long drive, 551 miles to Kansas City and then home again with about an hour of rest in between getting there and going home.  I will admit that I fell asleep a few times at the wheel not to mention the complete white out of snow in Iowa leaving Fergus and I in the middle of the interstate at a dead stop while semi trucks were jackknifed around us others were whizzing by us at speeds that would have killed us if hit.  Needless to say we made it home safely and Finn met his brother in  the kitchen and from that moment on they have been inseparable.  Although there is a size difference Fergus is the boss.  Fergus is quite affectionate and it would seem he knows he was at a place where he was not going to make it and now that he is home he lets me know everyday how grateful he is.  I could not ask for a more loving and playful set of boys.  Fergus is 4 now and I am so so happy to have these boys as my family and I continue to learn life's lessons through our experiences we share.  Living in the moment is easy with these two and so much more to share together.  

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