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My Finn. A beautiful Black Lab mix from a shelter near our home. Finn is a burst of energy and curiosity.  You have to expect Finn to get into some kind of trouble when roaming around the house when you are not watching.  I always have to keep an eye on this boy.  I adopted Finn at a year old and we have celebrated our 5th birthday this past Fall.  I realized maybe a little later in life that when you lose one dog  another dog does not replace the other.  If you are truly a dog lover                                                             it becomes a matter of carrying on a love and respect for a companion that will always be                                                              at your side and never let you down.   I think there is always a sense of guilt in a way                                                                     when another dog is brought into the home after one passes.  There of course was a lot of                                                             adjusting when Finn came home since his energy level is very different than Trewman's                                                               and just the overall personality of these two.  Of course everybody has ended up sleeping                                                             on the bed and that has been some work with Finn and his adopted brother Fergus.  Finn                                                             has to be very close to you wile Fergus burrows under the covers and does this a few                                                                     times during the night.  So the energy continues and I love it!  Sometimes.  

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