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What a beautiful Border Collie Henry was.  Henry was adopted at 8 weeks from where else but a shelter.  At 8 weeks Henry could barely get up the stairs to meet his brother Tremwan in the kitchen but he did and rather than having a "get to know me meeting" with Tremwan, Herny went right for his brother's food bowl.  Henry was so small that he could have taken a bath in his bowl.  Henry and Trewman got along just great.  WE got along like 3 peas in a pod.  Henry and Trewman and I always went to the dog park if not once a day it was twice a day.  Trewman and I would walk around and Henry would follow or he would run along with other dogs.  Henry had a lot of energy too since he was a herder dog. He HAD TO RUN!  Henry was named after a dear friend of mine and when I heard his name I always thought of him.  Henry was a joy to be with too and after a long fight with Colitis and Fistulas he only lived to be 6 years old.  I loved this dog and I hope we can find a cure for these diseases so these dogs don't have to suffer.  I think of these dogs everyday even though I don't see them or feel them next to me.  They seem to follow me and encourage me to work at this project.  You were a sweet dog Henry.  

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