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Does Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed?

I am sure opinion is split on this. Some think it's fine and others would never think about having a furry, heavy breathing and cleans itself with its tongue in bed with you. I will confess that there was a time that I thought it was dirty to have my dog sleeping on the same sheets and sharing the same pillow as me but if you ask me now I will tell you I can't imagine not waking up to my dogs waking me up at 5AM (pretty much every morning) snorting like piglets, running circles around me and eventually getting me out of bed to feed them. This is every morning mind you and trying to change this kind of strange behavior would take months. I live with it. But after I spend the time and effort washing and making the bed and somebody, and that somebody is not me, pees in the bed that is when I think this isn't such a good idea. I guess I have to just watch how much water I give Finn and Fergus at night so the next morning I don't imagine myself in a sinking boat but then soon realizing that I'm not on the Love Boat but one of my shipmates sprung a leak!

If only I could sleep that soundly.

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