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A lazy Sunday and love where I am!

Weekends have become more valuable to me since these are days and hours that I try to spend with my 2 boys Finn and Fergus. I realize how valuable time is when I think about when I adopted Finn from H.A.W.S when he was a year and now he is 4 this fall. Fergus also adopted but from A.R.N.O (Animal Rescue New Orleans) 2 years ago and will be 3 in January. It is not often that we can stop ourselves from thinking about tomorrow or reminisce about yesterday and find ourselves 100% submerged in the moment where we can feel the emotion so deeply that we can't hold back whatever it is we are feeling. In these moments I find tears roll down my face from feeling deep joy in the company of these two who have changed my life, my outlook, my purpose. I can't express enough how grateful I am to all that I have, all that I have gone through and what the future has to teach me. The dogs that I have loved in my past and the ones that I love in the present have helped me become a better person. I wouldn't change a thing...except that they all could live forever!

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