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How soon should you say "I Love You?"

I think everyone feels it at different times. Some not at all. Now, I'm not talking about loving a person that would be too complicated, I mean really. I'm talking about loving your dog or in this case another persons dog. I recently met a very wise old Pug. I don't know his/her name and don't know how old but the signs are there, grey in the face and some trouble walking and the vision seems to be impaired a bit. As soon as I met (I'm going to call him Mr. Pug) I dropped to the ground to be at his level and gave him some very gently and slow pets on his head and thin body. Before I knew it I told Mr. Pug that I love him and that I would see him tomorrow. There is something so very easy saying "I love you" to a dog and not worrying about if you said it too soon or that you expect to hear the same words with the same enthusiasm and promise. With a dog it won't (of course they can't talk) be said in words but I believe that the love from your dog is instantaneous and never ever waivers or is tabulated by how much you spend or do for them. Love is Love with a dog. You never have to wonder or worry about how that relationship will go. It will be life long and you will be a better person for it. And if you are wondering how do I know this...don't. You already know.

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