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Keeping An Eye On Your Dog

Being the home nurse is a full time job!

I am sure you have experienced moments when your dog is Whodini or thinks he or she is and can get away with eating that ham sandwich without you knowing (like your stomach wouldn't know the difference) or decides to go off in a corner and pee and come back with that "dog grin" and you would never notice the puddle sooner or later. Well, I have two boys and one is more Whodini like than the other. Fergus the little one I guess thinks that being smaller that I wouldn't notice things missing or the smaller puddle in another room. Finn on the other hand is smart but the need to hide or carefully maneuver the room so I don't notice that coming around the dining table somehow will prevent me from noticing that he is actually stalking my sandwich and I miss a meal and not know it. Silly boys! I have to be on all the time and if I'm not...well you know. I know there are certain food that dogs should not have and medicines (holistic and for people) that you have to be careful about how much they receive. Having these boys around is a pure joy and I do have to pay attention ALL THE TIME but this is my life and I love it!

Foods you can and CAN NOT give your buddy!

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