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Love Has No Limit

Some would say that it is only a dog where others would tell you that they are better people because of their dog. I can honestly tell you that I am not only a better person but that I have been taught through the eyes of a dog that love should not come with expectation, demands or threats. now you may be thinking that I put way too much weight and value on an animal, but if you are indeed a true dog person (dog lover) you are nodding in agreement and you have may have quite possibly been saved by your dog. Their are stories out there where a dog has saved peoples lives either by war, medical emergency or by just being a dog. An author I met last year at a book reading/signing. The book "Dog Medicine" by Julie Barton is one life story of a person who was saved by her Golden Retriever Bunker. After meeting Ms. Julie I can tell you that her life is a gift given to her by Bunker. I too can tell you that from what life has to teach us I have most likely gained more from the relationships from my dogs than I have from human interaction and that is no lie. As sated above those relationships were life changing for me and sure their were some tough times (more on that in future posts). Wouldn't you agree? I'm not dead yet and with that said I have a lot more to learn from Finn and Fergus and pay tribute to those who have past. I give thanks to those who have 4 legs!

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