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Potty break in the rain...would you want too?

Ask your dog if they prefer to squat, raise a leg or drop the bombs in rain and I bet they would tell you (in barks of course 'cause they can't talk) "hell to the NO...I don't!" The last few days here have been less than perfect with the temperature dropping (we did have a few moments of above 60 degrees) and the rain day after day after day. While we anxiously wait for summer here the boys are not too excited about hitting the pavement for a good long walk and having to do their business in the rain. Raising the leg isn't so bad since they do it quite fast and have all 4'rs on the ground quick and up the stairs before you can zip up your pants. So I ask you, "how would you like to do your business in the rain? I guess I put myself in their furry feet and I know that I would prefer a nice night about 65 degrees, a warm breeze and a quick pinch and I am on my way. Almost forgot. A plastic bag of course!

The perfect opportunity to go #1 and #2!

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