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What are they thinking?

I know people are always wondering what others are thinking but personally I am curious what Finn and Fergus think pretty much everyday at any given moment. I think the most curious is when they are sleeping and their feet are in a dizzying state and they whimper to a point where I wake them up. Why would I spend so much time wondering what a dog thinks? Honestly I wonder how they like living here and if they are happy. I think people would have this long and complicated answer but with dogs I think the response would be a one or two word answer which makes it easier to understand. With a dogs needs being really quite simple and straightforward I think making any changes or improvements would be just as simple. Dogs may not require a lot of deep thinking but as you can see I think about stuff like this a lot and I am happy to put my thoughts and ideas and energy in something that I know (not expected) will be appreciated and the rewards are usually wet on the face! Love that!

That makes anybody happy!

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