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The world is changing and there is little you or I can do to stop it. Individually we are capable of doing some incredible things but collectively I think there is greater potential to do even more amazing things. When we put our heads together we multiply the possibilities for greatness. But here is where things get complicated. Hold on! Society is always looking at ways to improve the quality of life through medical advances, science discovers ways to make our lives a little simpler and productive through creative solutions to problems. But with innovation and technology there is always the potential for some type of negative residual great or small that affects us. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality has the potential for great change and it's already changing lives and not sure it is for the better. I recently heard of a story on the radio about people having "robots" custom made for them for company, psychology and least of all, or for some most of all sex. But here is where it gets questionable at least for me when it comes to having companions like Finn and Fergus and all of you who have dogs to replace them with a plastic, cold and non breathing lump of machinery. The world is changing fast with no chance of slowing down progress and I know there is going to be a cultural shift (for some) to make life easier or "simpler" by making the sales pitch that your new dog doesn't have to be fed or taken for walks and no more trips to the vet. You may think that this is a bit premature and nobody would think of replacing their dog with a robot but think about it. I mean, really think about it!

Try hugging this!

#dogsmakebetterpeople #companion #advocacy #savingdogs

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