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Happy 4th Finn and Fergus!

With all the bang bangs and the star spangled skies Finn and Fergus seem to be fine with the noise. Fergus is pretty fearless so I wouldn't expect him to jump but Finn...he is altogether different. Fireworks were not that close to the house so they really didn't experience the really loud stuff but then again the firecrackers that the kids fire off at night has not happened yet so we will see how brave these boys are later tonight and in the week. Driving home last night the sky looked pretty amazing with colors in all directions and I will admit it was hard to keep my eye on the road. Memories of years past of the 4th of July when things were normal and there wasn't a care in the world is what I care to remember. Life now is well focused on the two furry boys I have at home and our determination to make a difference in the world. Faith. Faith and more of the same. It is just beyond our paws. Happy 4th of July to all you dogs out there!

#finn #fergus #dogs #memories #fourthofjuly #dogadvocacy #tshirts #savingdogs

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