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If Dog were president!

Just picture it...A world without war, without hate and you greet others by sniffing their rear ends. Don't mind his little paws...the President is very self-conscious and really doesn't like to bring attention to them. Embarrassed by your little paws? Nobody will notice.

Communication would often show teeth but don't worry their bark is worse than their bite. They poop in public (come to think about it politicians do too) and their introduction to others is by sniffing butt (

Todays political climate!

a common thread with politicians and their noses far up the asses of other politicians). Depending on your preference of breed I think that would determine how you would vote if you base it on appearance rather than ability. If you like a strong, confident regal leader I think the Doberman or Great Dane would be great candidates. If a Golden Retriever were president I think the world would admire and respect this choice since they are smart, good listeners and look good in whatever they do. Now, don't get mad if I don't even consider the Poodle for president. I have never been much of a small dog guy but a Poodle would be like Phyllis Diller sitting in the oval office with her big hair, cackling laugh and telling her vice president we need to change dog food that other stuff is giving me the shits! You have the Yellow, Black and Chocolate Labs all known for their hunting skills and energy. I'm going to have to discount the Shitzu, Chihuahua and Pug for running for president. I just don't think the public would believe them based on their appearance not to mention "what can they do?" Not serious choices. There are several choices out there and I could go on and on. With the way things are today, do you really think things are better?

#president #paws #dogforpresident

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