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What's in a name?


Everyone has a name but I can't think of a name that is more promising, happy or carefree as LUCKY! This is Lucky and how she arrived with this name is a story only Mike and Judy can tell you, her dog parents for nearly 13yrs. I know there are many stories that can be told about Lucky and the joy she brought to their family. Dogs allow us to view the world and the people in it with a perspective unique to them and for that we ARE better people. Memories are not the only things we take away from this loving relationship and if it is we are no better than we were before they shared their 4 legged perspective with us. Love and relationship are brought to us honestly and with licks on the face too many to count. I know your world is a better place because Lucky made it so. Thank you for being dog people and I hope to hear some of the stories someday. You are Lucky!

Thom, Finn & Fergus


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