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MOJO and Mr. Joey Wagner. A great duo!

MOJO at home getting better!

So I came across a story from 2013 about a Pitt Bull (his name is now MOJO) and a man named Joey Wagner and how love and compassion can change and save the life of a dog that certainly had a very uncertain future. Mojo was used as a bait dog in a dog fighting circle and with additional health issues was seriously thought not to have a future at all. But with the help of Mr. Wagner and Baie Ste Marie Animal Hospital Mojo not only survived but has thrived and is living a happy and loving life with his new family. This event has not only given me hope in humanity but it also has made me angry that people would be so stupid and cruel. Mojo is a special dog that was determined to overcome his injuries and fight for his survival where others may have given up. This story gives me yet another reason to forge ahead and bring my ideas and purpose to other dog lovers who want to be part of a solution in helping these special animals. Check out Mojo's Facebook page and have a tissue ready. It will warm heart and bring more than a tear to your eye.

Mr. Joey Wagner and MOJO!

#joeywagner #mojo #baiestemarieanimalhospital #pittbull #dogfighting #facebook #hope #mange

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