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Do dogs chew gum?

Dogs have great noses and I don't think anyone would disagree. I guess like people some have a better sense of smell than others and some dogs act on what they smell (like a chicken bone under a bush or candy stuck to a sidewalk) and it is in their mouth before you can say sh*t! I have 2 dogs that seem to really like gum and I will explain. Our first experience was when a good friend of mine gave me this tub of bubble gum and it was about half full and I do like gum so it was going to be enjoyed for a long time. There was a lot of gum in this thing. I had recently adopted Finn so we were still figuring out what he could do and how far he would go to get his

K-9's into something tasty. The plastic bucket of gum was on the counter and was still in reach where Finn could get into it and indulge in some baseball gum chewing. Let's just say that we didn't reinterpret "The Lawrence Welk Show" with "Tiny Bubbles" coming out of his ass. What I did see was a lot of gum wrappers for many days after that. Now with Fergus I have learned fast and furious that I would have to be smarter, faster and always, always a step or two ahead of his next move. When I come home I usually drop my backpack on the floor and let them out to go potty and don't really think about what is in my bag...until it is too late! Fergus too likes gum! He got right inside the packaging and went for the entire pack less 2 pieces. Lesson learned? Don't buy gum! Ha!

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