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What a great houseguest!

The house is quiet or should I say too quiet. Having Finn and Fergus for the last few years has been relatively quiet until I get home. I guess my arrival is that exciting that Fergus and Finn get a bit loud and the noise subsides upon my releasing the gate. Then they run and wrestle and finally pay me some attention. With Nike at the house (a Labradoodle) it was lively at times and I would say the energy level was taken up a notch or two. This was our first overnight at the house except for family dogs and things went quite well. Nike was a true gentleman with no accidents to speak of and he knew when to sit when given a treat. Fergus has been the boss of the house as long as I can remember but when Nike came to town Fergus for some odd reason let him make a few rules. Odd. I never thought Fergus would step down for anybody so this was quite a surprise and actually funny to watch. I would say it would take 2 Finns to equal 1 Nike but 8 Fergus's to 1 Nike. That should tell you how big of a dog he was. Nike was a big hairy fuzzy bear but a gentle one at that. Things are quiet now at the house and I think Finn and Fergus actually miss the guy. You were a good boy!

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