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Some have said how about being a dog photographer

You can never have enough pictures

What could be better than being outdoors with shorts a baseball cap (to protect my little head) and hanging out with dogs. With everyone having a smart phone and being able to snap pictures at any given moment makes it very convenient but that alone does not make for a photographer. Taking great pictures is not necessarily a skill that everyone possesses and the need for professionals in all areas is still greatly needed. And you better pay up! Of course there is subject matter that may seem easier to photograph than lets say a moving subject like a dog and keeping up with them will always be a challenge. Photographing my dogs is something I never really think just happens. Now if I want to "create" a certain mood or composition there is some preparation and maybe a short drive somewhere to bring the ideas together. A lot of the images that I have taken of Trewman and Henry and now with Finn and Fergus have been with my phone (yes, I do own a camera but my little phone seems to work just fine) and if I wanted to actually print something I would not use my phone. There is a lot of power in images and when it comes to photographing dogs personality is everything. I have many great images of Trewman form our long relationship and I will admit I have yet to print those that are special to me. I will be posting pictures of my boys here on my blog regularly and with everyone being a critic I hope I capture their personality and the joy they bring into my life.

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