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Scratch Scratch Scratch

So we are knee deep in allergy season and I will tell you that Finn feels like crap and maybe looks a bit beat up from all the areas where he has scratched his hair off but on top of all that is the sleep I have NOT been getting due to all the moving, shaking and all around noise during the night. We have used a steroid before and it worked but not a perfect solution. I recently have heard of using apple cider vinegar for the itching and I believe using something that is more "holistic" is a good place to start when trying to bring a bit of relief for both people and animals.

Every August these allergies come and Finn is miserable for about 6 weeks until the first frost then we are back to our usual crazy, energetic playful selves and this is the Finn I am used to and love. I remember the first time Finn showed the signs of his allergies while camping up north. Matter of fact we both had it pretty bad popping little pink pills for the duration and cut the camping thing short. Not the time to be sneezing, blowing your nose and trying to find tissues in a resort town. Oh the fun!

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