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DAISY...How could you not smile with a name like that?

Daisy on Brady Street

The first of October and a beautiful morning it is. I guess you could say that I am always on lookout for dogs anywhere and everywhere i go and this morning I find Daisy a Treeing Walker Coonhound and her walking partner. Like people all dogs have a story and Daisy too has one that is as unique as she is. Sometimes a dog doesn't find its permanent right away and sometimes it is difficult for them to adjust and find that love and companionship they want and need. But I am happy to say that Daisy seems just fine and her mom too is happy where they both are. When you think about it (which I may do a bit more than the average person) when you love, share, laugh, cry and explore the world together for years and years it is difficult to think of them not in your life and when the times comes where you find yourself looking down next to you because you could have sworn you felt them nudge you (sorry, tears right about now) moving on with your life is going to be different. Every dog that leaves that paw print on your heart (sometimes on your face too) should have made you a better person. YES...A BETTER PERSON!

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