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For the love of Dog!

I must say having a dog or dogs (depending on how much craziness and love you want) is one of the most enriching experiences a human can have. Like humans the feelings and emotions can be as loving and complicated as people but we wouldn't change a thing because that is what makes life...BEAUTIFUL! Now as of late I have been having more of the frustration of relationship than peace and quiet and by the way peace and quiet can be overrated. But with me being gone so much these two are expressing their frustration with being the crazies that they are not being such good listeners. Finn and Fergus really were not the best listeners anyway but now they are telling me in their dog like way they are not happy with our schedule and this is being amplified by some changes in well, let's just say E V E R Y T H I N G! I guess if I were in a kennel for hours and hour and little playtime I would be wound up as well and not really sure I would listen to anyone either. In a fast paced world where some don't know what, where and why I know Finn and Fergus are waiting for me to get home, open the kennel gate and I will be tackled by 8 legs four short and 4 longer and kisses until you can't breathe. This is a life worth living and sometimes it can be out of balance and that's ok. And if you find it a bit difficult at times maybe we just live "for the love of dog". Besides who else is going to put up with your snoring?

And remember if you throw a bone most likely he is going to be the one to chase after it!

#fortheloveofdog #love #companion #thommoran #dogsmakebetterpople #trewman #henry #finn

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