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These boyzz are crazy...but so am I

I think you would agree that when you have a dog or two or if more than that YOU are crazy that there are moments of absolute Joy, Love and yes Craziness! But like most people myself included would not change a thing. With love you can't exactly say or tell someone (but maybe the love stops with some people) "hey, not so much love now but maybe in an hour when I am done with this one project". It just doesn't work that way. When you hear that saying, "if you had a chance to change anything in your life what would it be" I would say, "oh this and this and this" but now I realize the sum of all those parts the good, the bad and yes the ugly are what have made me what I am today and that is pretty good if I don't say so myself. And I will say that these two crazy, loveable and always into something dogs are a big part (and of course those that have gone before them) are a big part of the sum of my parts. Any dog person would agree. So today I give a big shout of love and respect and long life to my Finn and Fergus because without you guys I really don't know where I would be. Love you!

My dog world!

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