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Is it a bird, a plane...Hello No...

It was a Coyote! So, I was driving home near a park where I grew up and looking around like I usually do (No, I wasn't texting) and on the left side of the road I thought I saw a German Shepard just chilling on the side of the road and I would see the owner somewhere near the dog but when looking at it a bit longer (I was only going about 25 mph so had plenty of time to make a positive identity) I noticed that he was sniffing the air, raising his head toward the sky and sniffing whatever was in the air and while I passed him he trotted across the street. I tell you my heart skipped a beat or a few and was like, "holy just saw a Coyote"! I have never seen one before except on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom that we watched as a family when I was a kid. I am an animal lover to the core and when I see or experience something as naturally beautiful as a coyote it brings a joy knowing that an animal can survive in this ever expanding or "sprawl" of human kind. I take the kind out of that expression and let's just go with human sprawl. There is a place for these beautiful animals and it seems he was doing ok. So I hope he made his way safely to wherever he was going and next time you see an animal that seems out of his element consider giving to an organization that helps these animals thrive and continue to be part of our animal kingdom. You can do it!

Hopefully I see more coyotes!

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