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Not that you have the time to look up or research anything related to the life and longevity of dogs but I have found myself doing such things lately for my blog and the numbers are just too big! Over 10,000 animals are killed everyday which is a number to some may not seem like a lot but if you take that number and multiply it by days, weeks, months and years you get a number that could be the population of a small town, Or you could take 10,000 steps which would be 5 miles. Take that a step further and for every step is another animal killed. And that is everyday. The point is we understand things better when we compare it to something we know or have experienced. Guilt? Not the point as much as getting people to understand that the number of animals (dogs) killed everyday, every year is a number we can change with some knowledge and action. This can achieved by joining together and making a difference. It can not be done with one person but when you get like minded people together you can change and do anything. I firmly believe that,

Someone tell me where this exit is!

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