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They help keep the weight off not the most interesting post but I have to say that during the summer I was a lot "thinner" or at least felt like I was since we walked a lot, at least 4-5 walks a day and now I see that we are a bit less active and I think we all need to get back into the good habit of walking. During our walk yesterday I noticed a truck with the company name "Mr. Hubbard's Hounds" a dog walking and training mobile service. How cool! With my schedule getting busier and the boys needing some kind of relief during the day I think Mr. Hubbard could be a good thing. The training part too is a good part of the deal and that may also be part of the solution. Finn walks great I have no complaints but in the beginning it was hard. He would go crazy during our walks and I would have to tackle him and get on top to show him who the boss is. Not my idea...that was the vet. Fergus pulls no matter what and you would think being so much smaller that it would hurt to pull that much but he keep on treckin'. Not to mention they really are not the best listeners and I for sure blame myself for that. I think we have a lot of work to do and this winter could be a good time to do some indoor training. You think?

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