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Shiver me timbers!

With the temperature getting down to about freezing this morning Finn and Fergus were not looking forward to going outside and letting it all hang out. I mean, this is serious business when your junk is hitting that wall of cold the second you step all four legs out the door and the shrinkage effect is instantaneous and you struggle to get the first few dribbles out. I can't say I exactly know what it is like to be naked and going outside in freezing conditions just to squirt. I know they are dogs and don't think about things like this but I do and I can't imagine...brrrrr. We didn't spend much time outside this morning just long enough to do the job and squeeze and back upstairs to the warm bed. Life is good for these two and without them life would be just the usual get up, work, go to bed. They keep me on my feet and inspire me to do more for those dogs who don't have a warm loving home to call their own. Soon you will see where this is all going and you are a vital part of making it happen! maybe a bit premature but it's coming!

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