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How much reading do you do?

Now with the weather changing I would imagine that people who love to read love this time of year and their hands (and itchy eyes) are just itching to get a hold of a good novel. Tell me I'm wrong! I'm not! I do enjoy a good book mostly biographies of photographers, artists and people of special interest like the Queen and other influential people. Ahh...People and The Inquirer do not count. As I sit here in my bedroom early evening before heading out I am at my desk and the boys are on the bed. But don't think I am able to write here without interruption because that never ever happens with Finn and Fergus who constantly in need of love all the time. I try to divide the time between blogging, some petting, reading, some petting, phone conversation, some petting. It is at times quite disturbing and I have to figure out how to outsmart my dogs. Go ahead and laugh because these two together are like Sherlock Holmes and Angela Landsbury. Smart, clever and always looking for trouble...and they find it. Here is a collection of my dog books and pictures of my boys, Herb, Webr, Trewman and Henry. No...I didn't misspell Webr that is how we spelled his name. Now go read!

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