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Memory Lane

So I was thinking last night since I was up anyway and thought "how many streets are named Memory Lane"? Needless to say I could not get a number for that but some strange things came up with Memory Lane in it from cosmetics to the obvious...a funeral home. I like this one the best. But this of course takes me to the relationships I have had with the dogs that I have shared my life with from childhood to today. Every one of these dogs had and still have a special place in my heart and in my current life. As with people they help guide us through life, make us better people and most importantly show us love. I believe we only learn and know love when it is expressed to us. How else would we know. Text book? Film? Music? I guess you and know the definition of it but not the experience of love. Each of my dogs have shared different expressions of love some longer than others. Herbs' life was cut short, only a year, but in that year I realized that our love can be abruptly shortened and you have to make the most of it because you don't know when it is no longer given. And then there is Tremwan. It is hard to put in words when you feel such appreciation and love for one thing. Trewman was and is my greatest lesson. This friendship lasted 12 years and I am still taking lessons from him and life seems to make more sense to me through that experience. When people have had a love come and go that truly was formidable and transformational and are quick to point who that person or persons and how and why it was to life changing. Recently my adopted family had lost their father and I know they are better people for having known him and were loved by him. My adopted Mother (Delphine) is also a student of this love and affection. Student teaching of this course isn't about passing or failing but about being present and I thank you for all of you for being the best teachers and not kicking me out and sending me to detention. Love all of you!

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