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A dog and condo living

So this may not be your living situation but there are those who live in condo communities and those who live in homes. Either way a home is where your dog is and I absolutely love seeing dogs coming and going from condo communities. Coming from one living situation to another and downsizing are not easy and having that furry friend along for the ride is a big change. But I think they get used to it quicker than their human and let's be honest a tree is a tree and where they "go" makes no difference to them. From big to small they all to have a smile on their faces as they leave the building going out into the wild concrete jungle looking for that tree they had visited the day before. Sure it's a change for everyone involved but I think a dog is happy no matter what as long as they have a good dog parent and a warm and loving home. So for those of you who may be going from a house living situation to an apartment or condo that allows dogs bring Fido or Rover along. They are in it for the long haul!

Make room for your furry buddy!

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