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Fergus and our journey so far

A day before he came home!

This picture was taken when Fergus was just a day away from coming home. I can't imagine not having him in our life and would do it all over again. Having rescued Fergus (formerly known as Black Jack) from New Orleans then transported to Kansas City was an adventure I will never forget. It was not the easiest adoption by far with communication between several people and then having to arrange for transport with 2 companies and then the "holding period" where Fergus had to stay until I was able to make it down to KC. I know this is nothing newd since many people have adopted dogs from other city and states but for me I never imagined loving a dog like I do Fergus. He and Finn got along immediately and they continue to strengthen their bond day after day. I'm a lucky person to have been able to do something so beyond the norm. Would I do it again? Yes! And what I plan on doing to make this easier for people interested in adopting a dog from another state will be efficient and safe for these special guys! Now I'm going to hug my dog!

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