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Two hungry little mouths to feed

I am looking forward to feeding the 2 most important little mouths on Thanksgiving day. This will really be the first "real" Thanksgiving we have shared as a family unit of 3. I don't mind the quietness and the simplicity not to mention they really are not going to heavily criticize my cooking and if they do well, no more turkey for you! Now I'm not sure about all the sides like stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries (my mom would serve it from the can...loved the natural ridges of the stuff and always on a glass pickle serving dish) bread and stuff. We might go simple and just have turkey and mashed potatoes and I'm sure their bellies will be quite happy. While it is cooking they are going to be in a bit of a frenzy because they know they more than likely will be getting their own plates of turkey delight! How I love these 2 (even though they test my nerves daily) and I am grateful for everything.

Things will never be quite like they were growing up and I do miss waking up on Thanksgiving morning to the smell of my mother cooking an incredible meal for all. I am grateful for all my parents have done and am thankful for their spirit of giving. I have learned most of life's important lessons from them and continue to appreciate their gifts. So much more to learn. Thank you! Love you1

All you can eat!

#thanksgiving #love #family #dogs #happy #givingthanks #grateful #thankful #myboys

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