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My thoughts on responsibility is simple, you give when you can and do what you can to help others while expecting nothing in return. I feel a big responsibility to do something about the pet overpopulation and that is why you find this here. There is strength in numbers and any good cause starts with an idea sparked by one mind in the hopes that others will follow. I know this issue is too big to be tackled by oneself and that is the reason for finding other like minded people here or out at the local dog park (anywhere really) to actively participate in a solution. I know with the our thoughtful designs and awesome graphics that we will change how people think about shelters and rescues and that we ALL have the responsibility to help those who are close to dying. Every dog that finds a home is a lucky dog but those dogs who come from rescues and shelters are the ones that have been left behind due to so many circumstances. Being a lover of animals and having had a house full growing up, dogs of course have found their way deep into my heart and this is where I am putting all my energy. Will it be hard work? Of course but this is the kind of work that not only feels good but also you are doing good. It takes one great idea to possibly bring about change but it is the power of numbers that make that change happen.

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