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You know that saying...

Ferguson! A.K.A Fergus!

"A face only a mother can love". Well, I'm no mother and that face I think anyone can love! Sure I'm a little biased but that face you have to admit is adorable and lovable. I thank god everyday for this little gift (his personality is huge though) and he certainly is the gift that keeps giving. For example, while I am in the kitchen making something to eat he is right there along with his brother waiting, just waiting for something to drop so they can be the hoovers they are and suck it up. Or when I leave the kitchen to sit in the dining room Fergus will stand up on his back legs and lick part of the stove. Scraps you know. There are times when he is so under my feet and needing some attention that it is difficult to get much done around the house and reading is no easy task when he wants to sit on your chest and take notice.

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