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The Rupert

Rupert has got to be one of the best dogs that I know in the kingdom of dogs. Some partiality here of course but if you met Rupert and knew his story you would with all your humaness agree that this boy is beautiful. I had a craving for chocolate last night and was out in my old neighborhood taking pictures and texted my friend Lori about my sudden need for something dark and sweet that only a Belgian could cure. So I headed over and usually the first one to answer the door is Rupert but with all the football crowding the airwaves even Rupert didn't hear the bell. We sat down and Rupert made the rounds from the family room where football was the attraction then onto the living room where the silence could be heard and the conversation is always filled with laughter. I encouraged Rupert to get up on the couch for a selfie and this picture is the result of my 20 + years of photography experience. I think Rupert had a long day and since the game didn't go quite as well as hoped he thought why not. A picture with another human who loves my company. Why not are a beautiful boy!

Rupert.  Great timing!

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