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Trewman & Rupert

I miss a lot of things...playing in the mud, playing kick the can in my old neighborhood, vacations up north with my parents and those long, long walks with Trewman in the park. Connecting to nature when the soul needs a good recharge at our favorite park are moments I remember and wish I could relive again. Once a day usually wasn't enough so going two or three times was not unheard of for Trewman, Henry and I. This time Trewman and I had a special guest. Rupert was over for a doggy soiree and taking him to the park was a treat. Every tree was gonna get tagged by this one since this was new territory for Rupert and what the's what they do. Trewman of course led the two dog one human pack on his usual trail. Trewman always walked the perimeter of the park. Always. This was something he did and I would just follow him on his journey with a few stops along the way. Trewman wasn't forceful or bossy unless he leaned on your leg to let you know you better drop that hand and give a few pats on the head and when he had enough of "the nature" he would approach the exit gate and wait for me to catch up. He was done. How I miss those days and I hope to dream myself back to that time when I didn't seem to have a care in the world and the most important guy was by my side taking it easy teaching me a thing or two.

Always missing you...

Peas in a pod?  No, in a park!

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