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December 6, 2014 St. Nicholas Day

Finn on a warm St. Nicholas afternoon

These were the days before the crazzies started. Life was calm, quiet and I got sleep before Finn's brother arrived from New Orleans. I mean I got sleep. Normal sleep like normal people before the little guy turned our lives into a three ring circus. Fergus is a little firecracker in what used to be a calm and somewhat orderly home and this walk with Finn was one of those earlier moments where sleep was in surplus. Last night was no different than the day, week and month before where a couple hours in my bed turns into a night on the couch. Don't laugh you parents out there who would do anything for your kids. This is the same thing and I get to complain about it just like moms and dads do. Yes I know they are dogs but they are the most important little life forms in my canine world. Now I'm gonna go hug my dogs. You should too!

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