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A mans best friend

There are few things better than the company of your dog when you are feeling down and just don't want to interact with the world. But yesterday with the weather looking promising that there truly is a Spring and shortly after a beautiful Summer while spending a couple of hours with Lori the blues were lifted while the sky kept its shiny. Laughter, sunny days, love and your dogs really is some of the best medicine for lifting the winter blues. Finn and Fergus are great company even with all the destruction. But sometimes you need some of that love and support and laughter from human interaction and yesterday afternoon was an elevator to the top of fun! I have to thank you for your care and company and next time you are feeling less than your 100% self give me a call....I will see what a little bit of sun, the company of laughter and some love can do! Thank you!

A colorful and happy afternoon somewhat abstract.

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