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A few years back

Trewman didn't mind the snow

Trewman would walk through feet and feet of snow and all that mattered to him was enjoying the great outdoors and I was there right with him. I loved what he loved and got plenty of exercise with him everyday. This picture was taken at his favorite park ( was mine too) and to be honest I don't remember if it was cold or not but either way we still ventured out to explore new places and created memories that I will never forget. It is hard sometimes with the 2 boys that I have now to enjoy the peace and quiet that Trewman and I got to enjoy. Finn and Fergus are a very different energy and I am still adjusting to it even after 3 years together. Our walks have yet taken us to a tranquil place but I hope someday we too can go to a park and enjoy movements like this. Trewman may be gone but I am never without his dog spirit, companionship and beautiful memories. Love you!

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