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Trying to fatten Finn up!

Sounds kind of strange but Finn is skinny and I need to get some meat on him. My neighbor noticed his skinny little body and thought it might be due to stress and my odd schedule which I wouldn't disagree. She also said that Labs are very sensitive and they feel what you feel. So, I guess stress it is. So with his usual dry food he and Fergus are getting some wet food (smells pretty good to me) added to their dry and we will see how how he does. I have no idea what the calorie intake should be for boy his age but he eats a lot from what I give him. They have become lovers of popcorn but have not had any in a while. I piece or two can't hurt. Watching their diet is important and I hope the added morsels put some pounds on him. What a beautiful boy he is.

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