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I might say genius...others might say

This moment has taken a while but worth the long hours it has taken to finally arrive at a new design ready for print. I have several but this one is special because it is a bit unusual to use braille as a t-shirt design. Or at least I think it is unique. I have never seen the symbols used to define a cause or simply a word that celebrates dogs. Why you ask? My answer is simple. No matter the letters or symbols you use to define or spell "dog" it is a celebration of dogs and dog culture. This is the first design to get out there for people to see and to be part of something they are already living and that is life with their dog(s). So you say it is just a shirt. There you are wrong. It is a symbol of advocacy and action. It tells others that you are supporter of helping dogs live longer and healthier lives as well as saving those lives through adoption, rescue and fostering. No matter how you say or spell dog you know that this is one of the most important relationships you can have in a lifetime. Some build their entire world around their dogs and I am one of those people. So here you do you want to help?

D O G  what else would it say?

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