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Wisconsin Puppy Mill Map

This years pet expo was amazing! I saw a lot of different vendors with every type of dog picture, t-shirt, statuary, blankets, pillows, homemade needlepoint. You name it they had it and it was wonderful to see all the different ways people were celebrating dog culture. But with all the good and wonderful stories and images came the reality of what is going on in the world of dogs when it comes to "where do they come from"?

Here you will see a map of Puppy Mills in the state of Wisconsin as well as stores that sell Mill Puppies. Our state is littered with Mill Puppies and that is definitely something we would like to challenge and work at getting that number lower or better yet down to Zero! Is it possible you ask? Yes, I think it is. There is a list of 10 ways you can help the dogs trapped in puppy mills!

Bailing Out Benji is an organization that has dedicated itself to informing and educating the public of the negative effects of Puppy Mills and how WE can help change the future. Every little bit helps!

#bailingoutbenji #puppymills #badbreeders #rescuedogs #adopt #rescue #foster

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