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5500 Shelter dogs killed each day in US

5500. It is hard to imagine that each day we euthanize that many dogs from our shelters each day. And some people are doing something to change that. Meet Mark Barone, a painter who is immortalizing these dogs in his paintings. After his dog Santina of 21 years (yes, 21 years) passed away Mr. Barones took on a project after learning about the number of dogs being euthanized from over populated shelters. Mr Barones would paint 5500 portraits of dogs that have been euthanized in the United States. Most paintings are 1 ft. x 1 ft and 10 portraits are 8x8 ft. Those larger portraits are of dogs who had a truly unique and heartfelt story. Why talk about what Mark Barone is doing? Because he believes this doesn't have to happen and by highlighting this tragedy through art is a way to put a face to each of those dogs who deserved a long and happy life. Strength is in numbers and by connecting those whose beliefs are similar change is inevitable and possible. I hope we can bring change in our unique approach and get you to be part of that positive change by supporting our advocacy. We all can be part of this change and by you reading this is just a start. Getting you in our shirts....that is the next step. It's all about numbers. When there is a name with a face it makes this tragedy more real. Please look at these portraits and tell me there is something WE can do!

Breeze Killed September 9, 2012

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