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Consistant personality

I know it may sound trivial in everyday life but when your life revolves around your 4 legged friends it is good to have personality that isn't necessarily going to throw you a curve ball when you come home and you aren't really in the mood for much conversation. Or the line of questioning is just a matter of a couple of tails wagging and the occassional lick, lick lick of the face. This are times when I am grateful for the simple life. Simple in terms of I have 2 little faces to talk too and I don't have to do much explaining of anything unless....unless of course there is something smelling quite good in that bag you brought home and they are just wagging to get inside of it or at least get what's inside the bag. They don't complain or ask for much and they give me the same love and attention from one day to the next without question or asking. They rarely let me down...except for the "I took your sock and shoe and now you have to find them" kind thing. Otherwise I come home to the two little lives that I hope I can keep giving me best and that they bring out my best. They ask for so little.

Wrapped up in a ball of blanket

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