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Better than the other finger!

Some may think that the entire idea of a little illustrated hand with the "thumb up" having so much importance is goofy and what does it matter? I guess if I "like" something it's because I like what they are presenting. It could be the services they provide or the appreciation of an artists work or someone taking on a social issue and wanting to bring about change for the benefit of that cause. There are a lot of things in life that we appreciate or approve of everyday without giving that stamp of approval or expressing gratitude. This is a way to extend gratitude or thanks with just the click of a button. So as I surf the internet and discover something interesting I will most likely hit the "like" button and continue to show my support and say in my little way "keep it going I am behind you 100%.

It's better than the other finger!

#facebook #like #thommoran #dogsmakebetterpeople #saving #shelter #rescue

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