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Finn and Fergus meet Auntie

Even dogs have aunts and uncles and the other day Finn and Fergus finally got to meet Aunt Kerri and they displayed their usual jumping and licking and happy dance until it was time to go. I know Kerri has been wanting to meet these boys for quite some time and finally we had our meeting. Finn was the kangaroo of the two and Fergus usually has to be a little patient until he can get in the mix but they both got hugs and kisses and that is all that matters. It would be great to be able to have a sleep over at Aunt Kerri's for Fergus and be able to have some quality time with him since Fergus does demand more attention than the average dog (my observation). I think Fergus would do fine outside of having to constantly keep an eye on him and make sure he does not get into any trouble. He can be quick. You turn your back on him for a second and you could be surprised what that little guy can get into. Finn and I would most likely go for a little drive and find ourselves some peace and quiet or maybe another dog so he can have a little playtime with someone his own size. Either way it would be a good thing for everyone. They make me a proud daddy.

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