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Kids...the 4 legged kind?

So I ran into a lady today and asked what she was doing on such a beautiful Sunday morning and she told me that she was going to run a few errands and then play with the kids. Now, for some reason I assumed she meant the 4 legged kind (dogs you see) and never for a second thought that she was talking about her grand kids. I guess when you live with dogs, watch tv with dogs and have long conversations with dogs that they become more than just the furry guy you hang out with once in a while. Finn and Fergus are at my side (sometimes under my feet) and are around every second of the day and night when I am home so naturally I see them as more than a pet. They are my kids. So to the lady who I may have insulted this morning that was not my intention. I just thought that everybody talks about their dogs as though they were the 2 legged kind. Ooops!

How I look when I get up!

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