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If I had a crystal ball

Being bit by a dog is something most people can really only talk about and have not experienced. Well on Wednesday I can honestly say I had the discomfort of meeting a dog who seemingly had good intentions but decided to denounce our potential friendship with a set of good sized choppers in my face...left side to be exact into my mouth and then that is it. It went so fast that I can't even tell you if it hurt or not. My shock than anything. The catahoula mix 3 year was probably stressed due to a long commute from Florida so no bad blood here. Well, except all over me and my shirt. It was pretty gross. I never seen so much of my own blood in a few short seconds. I guess I better be eating more beets. Hmmm....does that have anything to do with replenishing what I lost? Probably not but it sounds kind of tasty. The dog owners feel terrible and I am sure they wonder how I am doing. Well, people with the catahoula mix dog I am doing fine. Spent the entire day at the hospital and I am here at work today. Things don't look really good right now but they say I will heal up real good with a scar to remember the moment. And you know what, I'm ok with that since I don't blame anyone for the incident and I hope you guys settle in just fine. Honestly...

For your visual (I didn't think it would be fair not to include the slideshow of my adventure.

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