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This is Trewman.  A Doberman-Shepard that I adopted at 7 months and from the same shelter as Herb and Webr. 

I can tell you this dog has changed my life and given me purpose.  Trewman was the most gentle, casual and loveable boy and could charm anyone.  With his gentle "lean" on your  leg this is how he let you know he was there looking for a hand to lay on his head.  Tremwan was not one to bark, run or chew.  He was the type of dog that when you talked in full sentences he would look at you and tilt his head to one side and somehow you knew he understood fully what you were saying.   I'll be honest I would have full length conversations with Trewman and somehow I knew he understood                                                                                        me and my words.  If I was troubled or sad Trewman was always there                                                                                        to comfort me and give me the love I thought I didn't need.  Trewman                                                                                        was more than just "a dog" he was my best friend and companion.

                                                                                      He went everywhere with me. On walks, the backyard,friends homes                                                                                          and when I had to go by car he would sit in the back and watch out the                                                                                        window.  Always patient and never rushed.  Some people connect                                                                                                best with other people but I connected with Trewman in a way that I                                                                                          never would have expected.  Soulmate for sure.  I miss you!                                                                                       

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